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Greene Sr. Breaks His Dry Spell

Nathan Aldrich and Kayla Peting

As the Susquehanna area continues to battle drought conditions Darwin Greene Sr. snapped his own Friday night, returning to Victory Lane for the first time since 2012 at the Penn Can Speedway. A packed grandstand got to mingle with drivers during intermission as Fan Appreciation night brought the thrills.

The Stafursky Paving Modifieds charged out of turn four as Darwin Greene Sr. and Nick Petrilak led the way. An early bobble from Petrilak would hurt his momentum on the high side while Brett Tonkin advanced three spots on the opening lap. With two laps in the books Brian Franko would slow on the backstretch drawing an early yellow. Greene opted for the inside on the restart with Petrilak once again to his outside. As Greene pulled ahead Alan Rudalavage and Tonkin worked inside Petrilak to take the second and third spots. Point leader Kevin Hartnett had made his way into the top 5 by the fifth lap, peeking to the inside of Dan Vauter for fourth. Brian Malcolm started from the rear but showed his speed as the race approached halfway, gaining five spots over a five-lap run to move into seventh on lap 15.

At the front it was Tonkin searching for the grip behind Greene, making some space on the inside in turn one to take the lead away on lap 17. With lapped traffic ahead Tonkin, Greene, Rudalavage and Hartnett fit under a blanket, pushing and rubbing as they worked through turns three and four. Tonkin’s run up front would come to an end the following lap as he slowed down the front stretch and headed pit side with a right rear flat. Greene resumed his lead for the single file restart Hartnett worked the bottom of the speedway through three and four but couldn’t find the drive off the corner to match Greene’s momentum. With the pair closing in on five to go, the race for fourth heated up as Malcolm and Vauter ran door to door swapping lanes and sliders. Malcolm would take the spot down the front stretch as Hartnett and Greene ran nose to tail ahead. As Hartnett’s momentum carried into turn one the rear end came around bringing out the yellow and setting up a dash to the checkers.

Greene held off Rudalavage for the closing lap, collecting the win with Petrilak, Malcolm and Vauter rounding out the top 5. After battling issues throughout the night including a broken shifter, some frame welding, a battery short and tire issues, Greene was ecstatic to return to Victory Lane. With some hungry contenders behind him Greene stated, “I had to keep my focus forward, if I defended my line, they couldn’t pass me”. When dealing with the lapped traffic Darwin mentioned it was important to stay in rhythm. He would like to thank his wife Paula, his son Darwin, Johnny Ball, Carrie, Carrie Lynn, DRG Bluestone, and his fans and supporters.

Joe Novak and Matt Martino brought the 602 Crate Sportsman to the green as Alex Konopka launched up the middle in what would be a hectic opening lap. As the field stacked up in turn three everyone kept it going with Konopka and Mike Nagel Jr. battling for fifth. Nagel would keep the spot as Ray Leonard and Mike Schane battled just behind. Brad Weaver wrestled the third spot from Alan Komar on lap 5. Lap 7 would see a yellow as Nagel came to a stop at the top of turn 2. Novak elected for the inside on the restart and pulled ahead down the front stretch. Komar would look to the inside of Weaver in turns 3 and four as the pair rubbed rails and Weaver kept the spot. Weaver kept advancing forward, taking the second spot from Martino as Komar and Konopka followed him past. Disaster struck for Novak as he looped the car in front of the field the next lap with Komar and Martino piling in.

Weaver restarted on the inside, getting the jump over Konopka before Nagel, Brett Wooster, Jim O’Hara and Joe Wilgus tangled in turn 2. With 2 cautions on the same lap the race was moved to single file as Leonard worked Kolyn Schane for third. Leonard would take the spot as the Schane family split Ralph Mele for fourth down the backstretch. As the action simmered down a slowing Martino brought out a lap 20 yellow. Weaver would drive away in the closing laps as Leonard and Konopka battled for second. Konopka would take the spot as Mike Schane and Mele rounded out the top 5. Feature winner Brad Weaver said he felt much more comfortable once the restarts became single file. Weaver stated, “it’s a very competitive division so you really have to focus and can’t make any mistakes.” With Konopka hot on his tail Weaver was trying to keep the lapped traffic between them as a buffer. Late in the run Weaver could feel the car beginning to go away as the track developed a sheen in turns 3 and four. “I really had to pedal it at the end” Weaver said before thanking his many supporters including Kara, James, Aubrey, Mark Terry, Jarrett and Ron Pitcher, Matt Smith, Quarry Rat Tread and Pattern Rock, Fred’s Market and Action Park East Karting Track.

With a field of 10 factory stocks ready to take the green, Kevin Welch and Charlie Gilbert would be on the front row. Upon the green flag, Gilbert would take the lead as points leader Jason Rhodes would use the high line to make his way around Welch. However, a no start would be called as Jason Beebe and Brad Chilson would spin in turn 1. Welch and Gilbert would once again lead the field to green, Gilbert would take the lead while Groover would use the high line to make his way around Welch to claim second while Rhodes used the low line to move to third. Rhodes would soon step up and challenge Groover for second place but would be unable to claim the spot and the caution would come on lap 3 for Chilson who spun in turn three. Gilbert would select the low line on the restart with Groover to his outside, once the flag dropped Gilbert took off like a bullet.

With Gilbert soaring away from the field, Rhodes would try to move in to second over Groover to cut the lead down, after figuring out the high line Rhodes’s 57ND would make the pass stick and would start to hunt down Gilbert. Lap 8 would come up fast and at this point Gilbert would catch the tail end of the field with Rhodes hot on his tail. Rhodes would try to use the low line to get a run-on Gilbert but would be unable to claim the spot. Lap 10 would see a caution as Beebe would spin in turn four. Gilbert would lead the field in a single file restart, but 2 laps later a caution would come out for Kyle Spoor who would spin in turn two. Gilbert would once again lead the field to green, as the laps counted down Rhodes was giving it his all to try and claim the win. Gilbert would take the checkered flag, followed by Rhodes, Groover, Beebe, and Welch. Gilbert credits the win to the cooler weather and remaining calm in difficult situations. With this being his third win of the season, all of them have been great battles with Rhodes and Charlie Towner. Gilbert would like to thank his wonderful wife Cami and his crew.

A & E Tire and Auto Center Xcel 600cc Modifieds had a strong field of 17 cars ready to take the green flag. Nate Oropallo would start on the pole with Jeff Baldwin to his outside. With the green flag dropping Baldwin would take the early lead while Brenton Miller and Josh Towner quickly would pass Oropallo and soon would be battling door to door with each other for second place. Miller would take the second-place spot and quickly claim first over Baldwin. Teammate Brett Gray would make an incredible pass on the low side to make his way past Baldwin and Towner to move to second. Unfortunately for the Gray team, a caution would come up before the lap could be completed to solidify their places. The lap 2 caution would be for Nolan Smith who would come to a stop in turn 1 and that incident would end his night early as the 77X would be towed pit side. Baldwin and Towner would be on the front row leading the field to the green. Baldwin would take the lead leaving Towner to battle with Miller for second. Miller would take the spot and would look inside Baldwin to take over the lead. Gray, Towner, and Baldwin would go three wide for an intense battle for second, Gray would come out with the second-place spot. Lap 4 would see a caution for race leader Miller would slow along the front stretch and would need to be pushed pit side. Gray and Towner would now be the front row with Gray taking the preferred high line. Gray would take off out of the restart zone and would gain a nice lead over Towner.

However, the lead would not matter as a caution came out for the 108 of Ali Scutt who stopped along the front stretch along with Darwin Greene Jr., both drivers would head pit side. The restart would see Gray on the outside line and Tower to his outside, however the restart would not last as Towner who was in second would slow along the front stretch and head pit side. With two cautions on the same lap, the field would go single file with Gray leading the way. Adam Mudge was using the low line to make his way past Devan Sieben for eighth. Tyler Smith would try to hit his marks to claim second place over Oropallo but would not be able to claim the position. Lap 10 would see a caution for John Dinniny would come to a stop along the front stretch and be pushed pit side. The single file restart would see Gray leading the field with Oropallo right behind him. There would be a no start called on the track and the field would restack and go again. Mudge would battle his way through the pack and step up to challenge Baldwin for third place and claim the spot. Mudge would pass Oropallo for second using the low line. Lap 15 would see a difficult moment for Gray as he would pull to the infield, allowing Mudge to take over the lead. Tyler Smith would look to the outside of a slowing Oropallo to claim second as Oropallo’s 30NN would pull to the infield. Adam Mudge would take home his second win of the season, followed by Tyler Smith, Baldwin, Sieben, and Straway round out the top 5.

Feature winner Adam Mudge finally got his interview, (our apologies Adam). It was an interesting night for the two-time winner having to come from the tail after an early race shuffle. As Mudge is in the thick of the point battle his focus became on picking his way back through the field without tearing up equipment. With the ability to run the bottom and the top, Mudge made it back through and found that many of his opening lap competitors were no longer there. The strong night will help Mudge grow his point lead as the season winds down. Adam would like to thank the Oropallo family, Rooney’s equipment service, Wildside Graphix, and Mallery & Yannone Trucking LLC.

15 laps were put on the board for the Gary’s U-Pull It 4-cylinder feature with Mike Girjatowicz and Josh Storms bringing the field to the green. Mike Ferris would take the pair three wide grabbing the lead as Jeff Sterling and Rich Wagner battled for third. Sterling would take the spot before advancing past Girjatowicz for second. With Dave Benson slowing in turn four the first yellow came out on lap 2. Ferris would restart on the inside but slowed on lap 3 with transmission issues, leading to a second yellow. With Jeff Sterling inheriting the lead, Wagner would restart to his inside. Wagner would pull ahead before losing a tire in turn two and heading to the infield. Wagner would pick the inside as the new leader with Scott Beach to his outside. As Wagner pulled ahead, Brian Salmini worked to the inside of Beach to claim second. With 7 laps complete Vandemark pulled to the infield as Chris Wesser slowed on the backstretch. As the checkered flag flew it was Wagner leading the way with Salmini, Beach, Rob Sterling and Girjatowicz rounding out the top 5. Feature winner Rich Wagner has started to notice a streak of running well in borrowed cars after struggling through bad luck with his own. Wagner and his own cars always seem to heat up and find success to end the season. With the yellow flags keeping the field packed together, as well as fighting some power steering issues it was a solid win for Rich. With he and Salmini both being able to have their preferred lines the pair put on a great show for fans. Rich would like to thank Miss Shania, his kids and family, his mother in-law, Dj, Marissa, Sheldon, NEP Telephone, Fox’s Heating and Plumbing, Kost Tire, Stoat Construction, and Missi's Place.

As we take Fair week off, the speedway will be back in action August 26th featuring a full show and Community Night for Conkin, Kirkwood, Windsor and Binghamton. As the season begins to wind down and opportunities for points wrap up, we look forward to a thrilling end to our season! As always make sure to find us online at and like us on Facebook!

Stafursky Paving Modifieds

Winner - 1 - DARWIN GREENE SR.

2.) 145-Alan Rudalavage 3.) 72-Nick Petrilak 4.) 119-Brian Malcolm 5.) 9-Dan Vauter 6.)117-Alex Stanton 7.) 7M-Mike Nagel Sr 8.) 17D-Mike Loney 9.) 484-Travis Brockner 10.) 23P-Bud Phillips 11.) 5-Kevin Hartnett 12.) 27K-Brett Tonkin 13.) 181-Kenny Hildebrant 14.) 73-Casey Plummer 15.) 84X-Brian Franko

602 Crate Sportsman

Winner - 1A - BRAD WEAVER

2.) 14K-Alex Konopka 3.) 3R-Ray Leonard 4.) 197-Mike Schane 5.) 7-Ralph Mele 6.) 10K-Kolyn Schane 7.) 32-Eddie Kudrako 8.) 84-Mike Welcha 9.) 55-Marty Goodwin 10.) 44-Jim O’Hara 11.) 70J-Joe Novak 12.) 88S-Michael Samony 13.) 88K-Alan Komar 14.) 27M-Mark Terry 15.) 3D-Brett Wooster 16.) 6X-Joe Wilgus 17.) 3DL-Dave Leyshown 18.) 226-Matt Martino 19.) 27-Corey Ziegler 20.) 16-Ned Fitch 21.) M7-Mike Nagel Jr. 22.) 54T-Travis Rooney 23.) 88A-Amanda Scholtisek 24.) 23P-John Michael Phillips DNS 7R-Tommy Groover

A & E Tire and Auto Center 600cc Xcel Modifieds

Winner - 54T - ADAM MUDGE

2.) 80-Tyler Smith 3.) 17-Jeff Baldwin 4.) 167-Devan Sieben 5.) 67-Tori Straway 6.) 28-Brett Gray 7.) 176-Mollie Mroz 8.) 30NN-Nate Oropallo 9.) 12J-John Dinniny 10.) 110-Katlynn Lewis 11.) 217-Larry Furman 12.) 9X-Josh Towner 13.) 1JR-Darwin Greene Jr 14.) 29-Brenton Miller 15.) 77X-Nolan Smith DQ 108-Ali Scutt

Factory Stock


2.) 57ND-Jason Rhodes 3.) 7R-Tommy Groover 4.) 03-Jason Beebe 5.) 10-Kevin Welch 6.) 23S-Kyle Spoor 7.) 78-Jerry Fassett Jr 8.) 33D-Neil DiBalsi 9.) 23B-Brad Chilson 10.) 57X-Adam Gilbert

Gary’s U-Pull It 4 Cylinder


2.) 77-Brian Salmini 3.) 21MJ-Mike Jenks 4.) 71-Rob Sterling 5.) M1-Mike Girjatowicz 6.) G55-Dakota Fuller 7.) 66-Josh Storms 8.) 70-Chris Wesser 9.)107-Tim Vandemark 10.) 27-Jason Seymour 11.) 21-Scott Beach 12.) 76-Dave Nixon 13.) 56-Jeff Sterling 14.) 17-Mike Ferris 15.) 22-David Benson Jr 16.) 8-Jim Backowski 17.) 944- Jeremy Trunzo

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