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Weather and Tonkin Collect Wins on Spaulding Foundation Night

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

After a scorching hot day, Penn Can kicked off the Holiday Weekend with a full card and spectacular fireworks show presented by Sleepy Hollow Turf Equipment and Monteforte Fireworks. The capacity crowd on hand weathered some popup showers and even caught a glimpse of a rainbow as the action on the track didn't disappoint.

Stafursky Paving Modified action kicked off with Jamie Bedford and Darwin Greene bringing the hat out of turn four. Bedford launched well, leading the way as Kevin Hartnett worked Alan Rudalavage for the fifth spot. Rudalavage would keep the spot with his outside momentum taking the fourth spot from Alex Stanton on lap 3. Deeper in the field last week’s feature winner Nick Petrilak battled Dan Vauter for the ninth spot with Vauter wrestling the position away. As the field worked lap four Greene had reeled Bedford in and made his move to the low side, Bedford held onto the spot as behind the lead pair Hartnett continued his march forward, taking the 3rd spot from Mike Nagel Sr. Lap 5 would bring out the first yellow of the event, slowing the action as Brett Tonkin spun in turn one.

Bedford took the inside on the restart but Greene got the jump, powering down the front stretch and leading into turn one as Bedford lost second to Rudalavage. Rudalavage set his sights on Greene with Bedford third and Hartnett taking fourth from Nagel. Hartnett would get the better of Bedford on lap 7 making his way onto the podium and making a strong case for being the car to beat. With Nagel coming to a stop out of turn 4 the race was once again under yellow on lap 8. Reigning track champion Brian Malcolm headed pitside under the yellow and did not return. Greene started on the inside with Rudalavage leading the way down the backstretch. Brett Tonkin rebounded quickly from his spin, making a daring turn one slider across the nose of Bedford to take fourth on lap 10. Hartnett continued to work Greene for second, taking the spot away on lap 14. Tonkin would follow, moving Greene to the fourth spot. Rudalavage closed in on the lapped machine of Travis Brockner on lap 16 with Brockner staying low, yielding the high lane to Rudalavage. The exchange slowed the leaders on the back stretch as Rudalavage stayed low, Hartnett covered the middle, and Tonkin sailed around both up high to take the lead. Brockner would pull to the infield on lap 17 with Mike Loney spinning in turn two on lap 19 to bring out the checkered yellow. With scoring concluded it was Rudalavage, Hartnett, Greene and Petrilak rounding out the top 5.

Tonkin was happy with his feature win on such an important night to the racing community. When asked about going from third to first, Tonkin stated that slower traffic can play a major part in winning or losing a race. With the rain coming down the track did not become too slick until lap 18 and at that point it was becoming dangerous, said Tonkin. Feature winner Brett Tonkin Brett would also like to thank car owners Dave and BJ Stafursky, Stafursky Paving, Stafursky Auto Parts. Morrison Performance, FNCB Bank, H&K Dunmore Asphalt, and Regal Plumbing and Heating. He would also like to thank his brother Alex for all the work he puts into the car week after week and Jimmy Witko for all the help.

With 22 crate sportsman signed in, Matt Martino and John Michael Phillips led the way as Martino looked strong from the start. Kolyn Schane came under fire early, holding off a challenge from Marty Goodwin before surrendering the fifth spot to Ray Leonard. Mike Wilcha worked the inside to take third from Phillips before Brian Malcolm slowed on the frontstretch, leading to a lap 5 caution. Martino would elect for the inside but it was youngster Travis Rooney leading the way as the pair exited turn 2. Michael Samony would loop it around in turn 2 however, putting Martino back out front for the now single file restart. Goodwin, Nagel Jr and Koly Schane would get feisty for fifth with Nagel taking the spot away from Schane before yet another yellow flag, this time for a Ned Fitch spin in turn four. Leonard moved past Welcha for third on lap 9, chasing after the lead duo of Martino and Rooney. Disaster would strike for the leader as Martino spun in turn four, bringing out the yellow just as he would have reached the halfway point. In a feat of great ability the entire field managed to miss his stopped car. Nagel Jr would be towed off under the yellow as the field came back to green single file. Leonard would stay within striking distance of Rooney for the final 10 laps but the sportsman rookie wouldn’t make any mistakes picking up his first win of the season. Leonard would nearly spin out of turn four but held on to second at the flag. Konopka, Wilcha and Kolyn Schane rounded out the top 5.

Feature winner Travis Rooney said the bottom was the place to be for him in this one. With the early cautions Rooney was able to pick off some quick positions in getting to the front. Once he had the lead, the focus switched to hitting his marks and not letting the pressure from cars behind him affect his driving. Travis would like to thank Matt’s Diesel Service without whom their season would have been impossible. Gordy, Carl, His parents Paul and Dawn, Shelly, Bruce, and sponsors Erik Hines Trucking, Stanton Racing, Mallery & Yannone Trucking, and Xtreme Design.

A & E Tire and Auto Center 600cc Modifieds found Bill Johnson and Devan Sieben on the front row. Chaos would ensue from the drop of the green as drivers throughout the top 5 jockeyed for position. Jeff Baldwin moved into the second spot with Adam Mudge settling into third. Tyler Smith and Nolan Smith looked stro nearly gaining multiple positions on the opening lap. Balwin took the lead on lap 2 while Nolan and Tyler Smith went to work on John Dininny for third. Doug Newbigging used the outside to take seventh from Roger Lewis while at the front Tyler Smith became the new leader after passing Baldwin on the bottom. Nolan Smith moved into the second spot on lap 10 as the action settled down in the second half of the race. The Smith brothers would continue to lap cars up until the checkered flag with Mudge, Balwin and Josh Towner rounding out the top 5.

Feature winner Tyler Smith collected back to back wins for the first time in his 600cc Modified career. It was a good feeling for the driver who started eight, making his way into the top 3 by lap 2. Smith stated the opening laps were a little chaotic but that it’s a part of racing in his division. While the rain made the track very slick he has a lot of experience turning laps at Penn Can. With their 1,2 finish it will be a Birthday to remember for their father. He would like to thank his sponsors: Win Supply, French’s Auto Parts, DKM Auto & Marine, Total HVAC, AJ Leto & Sons, JDL Enterprise and all of his family and friends.

Mother Nature canceled our night early, but join us Tuesday for a Hot Summer Night GRIT series edition as the tour makes a stop at The Can. Next Friday will be first responders night, receiving $3 off admission with ID. The Factory Stock feature will be made up on July 8th and the SCDRA 4 Cylinder feature will be made up on July 29th. Be sure to follow our Facebook page: The Penn Can Speedway to stay up to date with all the current and future events happening at the raceway.

Stafursky Paving Modifieds - Race Official at Lap 19


2.) 145-Alan Rudalavage 3.) 5-Kevin Hartnett 4.) 1-Darwin Greene Sr. 5.) 72-Nick Petrilak 6.) 111J-Jamie Bedford 7.) 117-Alex Stanton 8.) 9-Dan Vauter 9.) 73-Casey Plummer 10.) 17D-Mike Loney 11.) 484-Travis Brockner 12.) 33-Eddie Strada 13.) 7M-Mike Nagel 14.) 119-Brian Malcolm 15.) 23P-Bud Phillips 16.) 17-George Kostelansky

602 Crate Sportsman


2.) 3R-Ray Leonard 3.) 14K-AJ Konopka 4.) 84-Mike Wilcha 5.) 10K-Kolyn Schane 6.) 197-Mike Schane 7.) 55-Marty Goodwin 8.) 1A-Brad Weaver 9.) 7R-Tommy Groover 10.) 14X-Brian Malcolm 11.) 23JR-John Michael Phillips 12.) 7-Ralph Mele 13.) 44-Jim O’Hara 14.) 70J-Joe Novak 15.) 226-Matt Martino 16.) 88S-Mike Samony 17.) 16-Ned Fitch 18.) M7-Mike Nagel Jr 19.) 3D-Brett Wooster 20.) 32- Eddie Kudrako 21.) 22_-Derrick Schaffer

A & E Tire and Auto Center Xcel 600cc Modifieds


2.) 77X-Nolan Smith 3.) 54T-Adam Mudge 4.) 17-Jeff Baldwin 5.) 9X-Josh Towner 6.) 12J-John Dinniny 7.) 29-Doug Newbigging 8.) 217-Larry Furman 9.) 110-Roger Lewis 10.) 30NN-Nate Oropallo 11.) 00-Jeremy Williams 12.) 354-Andy Bolles 13.) 167-Devan Sieben 14.) 1JR-Darwin Greene Jr 15.) 67-Tori Straway 16.) 999-Bill Johnson 17.) 176-Mollie Mroz

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