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Hartnett Motors to Big Points Night

By Kayla Peting and Nathan Aldrich

It is that time of the season where the points battle heats as Penn Can heads into the second half of the season. Friday was double points night and fans could feel it in the air as drivers tried to solidify their leads or gain more points to stay in the points chase.. Not only is the points battle heating up,so is the temperature, but Promoter Keith Beach has made the circumstances work and created an extremely tacky track with a lot of bite. All five divisions were on the card and each class put on a show to gain those extra points.

With double points on the line, action heated up early on for the Stafursky Paving Modifieds Friday night. The first heat brought a duel between Dan Vauter and Kevin Hartnett as the pair worked side by side to put on a show. Brett Tonkin would look strong in heat two, slicing through the field to take the checkers with a full straight away lead after coming from the rear. With 30 laps on the board Vauter and Darwin Greene Sr. came to the green flag with Greene leading the way into turn one. Bud Phillips looked to Vauter’s inside off turn two but drove hard into turn three washing up the surface and allowing Mike Loney to slip inside and take third away. A turn two pileup including Tonkin, Mike Nagel Sr, Alex Stanton and Casey Plummer would draw the yellow with 0 laps complete.

Vauter took the lead on the restart, charging into turn one ahead of Greene. Greene would lose some ground as Phillips, Nick Petrilak and Hartnett moved him back to the fifth spot by lap four. Contact between Stanton and Tonkin would send Tonkin to the outside wall with Stanton making a brief trip to the pits under the yellow. With Phillips as his new dancing partner, Vauter restarted from the inside, leading the way into turn one as Petrilak and Hartnett battled for the third spot. Hartnett would take the spot away in turns one and two. After mechanical issues led to a last place heat finish, Alan Rudalavage advanced quickly through the feature field, working the outside of Loney to grab a top five spot on lap six. Tonkin wasted no time moving back to the front either, following Rudalavage past Loney the following lap. Hartnett had methodically tracked down Phillips and claimed the second spot with ten laps complete, rolling the bottom to move Phillips into third. The slowing machine of Mike Nagel Sr. would shake things up however as a lap 13 double file restart would put Hartnett to Vauter’s outside just before halfway.

The decision to restart on the inside proved to be a difference maker as Vauter led the way into turn one with Hartnett’s outside momentum drawing the pair even down the backstretch. Hartnett grabbed the lead at the start finish line as the action settled down around halfway. Tonkin’s string of bad luck would continue, bringing out the final yellow flag on lap twenty-one with a flat left rear tire. Tonkin would make a late race charge, rebounding to finish ninth. Hartnett would sail away in the final nine laps, taking the checkers with a full straightaway lead as Vauter, Phillips, Petrilak and Rudalavage rounded out the top 5. Feature winner Kevin Hartnett looked for the holes in traffic early on after starting in the fifth spot. Kevin knew the top side was the place for him to be as he and his crew fought some motor issues throughout the night. With the high side momentum helping to keep the motor wound up he said crew chief Brad Grammes gave him a piece he can always be confident with. Though the team has fought some minor Gremlins this season Hartnett feels they are getting on track and the team remains focused on wins. Getting to Victory Lane is goal number one, with the points shaking themselves out as the season moves along. Kevin would like to thank the Grammes Family, RPM Race Engines, Penske Shocks, Stone Ridge Realty, Big Creek Concrete, Grammes Construction, Higfab chassis, and Hartnett lettering.

The 602 Crate Sportsman had a strong field of 22 cars taking the green with Eddie Kudrako and Ned Fitch on the front row. However, no laps would be completed as Matt Martino, Alan Komar and Mike Nagel Jr. would all collect in turn 1 resulting in a red flag. With no laps in the books, Kudrako and Fitch would once again lead the field with Fitch taking the early lead. Brad Weaver would look to the inside of Kudrako to take over second and to start hunting down Fitch. Mike Schane would follow Weaver’s marks and would take over third place from Kudrako. Brian Malcom came into the night third in points and would be a man on a mission trying to close the gap between Mike Schane and Ray Leonard.

Malcom would move into fifth by using the low line to get by Kudrako, Malcom would complete the pass before the caution flag would be waved on lap 2 for Parker Overbaugh who would spin in turn 4 and would rejoin at the tail of the field. As the field would come to the green flag, another caution would come out for Travis Rooney who would spin in turn 2 and Ralph Mele slowing along the back stretch before heading pit side ending his night early. With a red flag and 2 cautions in the book, Weaver led the field to the green with Fitch behind him. As the field put the pedal to the metal, Tommy Groover would look to the outside of Kolyn Schane for thirteenth but would be unable to make the pass as the caution would come out on lap 4 for debris along the backstretch wall. Weaver would once again lead the field out of turn 4, Ray Leonard looked to the inside of newcomer Steve Davis to take over seventh. On lap 5, Groover’s night would come to an end as he would pull to the infield, and caution would come out on lap 6 for Overbaugh spinning in turn 4. Weaver would lead the pack to the restart point and fire off like a cannon as laps started to count down.

Battles would follow throughout the field as Leonard would hold off Davis to maintain sixth place. Mike Schane would look to the inside of Fitch to take over second place to hunt down Weaver. Leonard would be a man on a mission as he passed Marty Goodwin to take over seventh and Davis would follow his path as he would claim eighth over Goodwin. On lap 12, Weaver would start to gain a bigger lead over the field as he would catch the tail end of the field. Goodwin would try to gain eight back over Davis, but would be unable to use the high line to make it stick. Leonard would continue his hunt to the front as he battled with Malcom for fourth, Leonard would come out with the spot. However, Malcom was not giving up too easily as he went door to door with Leonard, but ultimately would not reclaim the spot. Leonard would use the low line to claim third over Fitch. The final caution of the feature would come on lap 20 as Rooney would spin in turn 4 and race leader Weaver would head pit side with a flat left rear, leaving the lead to Mike Schane. The 197 of Mike Schane would lead the field to green with 5 laps remaining and battles were still heating up. Davis would use the preferred low line to get past Alex Konopka to take over fifth. Mike Schane would cross the line first followed by: Leonard, Fitch, Malcom and Davis would round out the top five.

Feature winner Mike Schane is no stranger to Victory Lane at The Penn Can Speedway, making his 3rd trip this season. He was very impressed with track conditions given the extreme weather Keith had faced this week. With lapped traffic playing a big factor, Mike explained that you never know what will happen when racing, and that the slower cars and limited motor’s in the crate division are a great equalizer. He feels the class is very competitive and keeps drivers on their toes every week. Although double points night is not a favorite of Schane’s, the win helped grow his lead over Ray Leonard. Mike would like to thank his parents, the Longstreet Family and Nick Petrilak for their help and support. The Higfab chassis is sponsored by Drydene, Morgan’s Pub and Eatery, Enterprises Dirt Grass Now, Nunzi’s, and Trackside Products.

A & E Tire and Auto Center 600cc Modifieds charged out of the fourth turn with Darwin Greene Jr and Andy Bolles leading the way. Greene gained the early advantage as Bolles, Nate Oropallo, and Jeff Baldwin ended up in a dogfight for second. Jared Green would capitalize on the mayhem, slipping past all three as he shot into second. Green would take the lead the following lap as Brett Gray and Josh Towner battled for second. Oropallo and Greene Jr would slam together on the frontstretch drawing the yellow on lap 3. Green restarted with Josh Towner to his outside, with Green pulling ahead down the frontstretch. Gray took the second spot from Towner as teammate Brenton Miller headed pitside on lap 6. Towner would next come under fire from Adam Mudge, who took the spot on the inside. Devan Sieben would exit the racing surface on lap 9 with mechanical issues as Ted Mills took the eleventh spot from Larry Furman. Bolles’ night would come to an end with transmission issues as he pulled to the infield on lap 12. Mills would be the next car to face mechanical issues, coming to a stop on the frontstretch and setting up a five lap dash to the finish.

Green would pull away once again as Tyler Smith worked Towner for fourth. With Smith taking the spot, teammate Nolan Smith checked into the heartbreak hotel, heading to the infield in the waning laps. Green picked up the win with Gray, Mudge, Tyler Smith, and Towner completing the top 5. Feature winner Jared Green has now gone back to back at The Can. A hectic first lap showcased some quick reflexes as Green backed out of a quickly closing hole for second, instead showing patience as the young driver chose his lanes wisely. Green said “it was cool to nearly go green to checker tonight, I was able to get in the zone and hit my marks”. Coming back to the speedway midway through the season, Green is looking to contend for wins instead of following points. Jared gave shoutouts to his friends, large family, Holcomb and Son’s Firewood and JS Electric.

Factory stocks led off the night with a few new faces joining the field this week. Kevin Welch and Charlie Towner set the front row as the race quickly turned into a battle for the ages between Towner and point leader Jason Rhodes. While the lead duo battled throughout the entire race, cleanly running door to door in a thriller, another trio battled for the third spot. Charlie Gilbert, Kevin Welch and Kevin MacDonald would trade paint, leading to a halfway caution as Welch and Gilbert came to a stop in turn two. The single file restart didn’t last long, as Towner and Rhodes got back to being door to door all the way to the finish. Towner pulled ahead on the final two laps, taking his second win in three weeks as Rhodes, Gilbert, MacDonald and Brett Spoor rounded out the top 5.

Feature winner Charlie Towner was excited to start on the outside pole as the top side felt best to him from the jump. Running first on the order the team only decided to change tires between the heat and feature. A win on double points night will help Towner in the points hunt as he chases Rhodes and Gilbert ahead of him in the second half of the season. Charlie thanked Tanner Mechanical, Glover Boxer Farms, Dave’s Buy Rite Auto Sales, Wildside Graphix, T & S Tax Inc, Riverside Lanes, Red Barrel Carburetors, Rock Creek Creations, Scentsy by Lisa White, TG Racing Bodies, GMB Motorsports, and his father, mother, Megan, Zeke, Terra, and Scott.

With 17 Gary’s U-Pull It 4 cylinders signed into the pit shack it was a strong showing for the division this week. Scott Beach and Josh Wilder charged out of turn four with Wilder pulling ahead on the jump. Mike Ferris would challenge Beach for the second spot using the outside lane Ferris would take the second spot. However, Beach wouldn’t give up the spot without a fight as he looked back to the inside of Ferris to regain second. After being unable to complete the pass Ferris would instead challenge Wilder using the outside. Ferris would not be able to claim the top spot as Rob Sterling looked inside Jeff Sterling for the seventh spot. Jeff would keep the position as ahead Brian Salmini looked inside Ferris to claim the second spot. The lap 4 yellow would negate the pass however as Rich Wagner slowed in turn one and two. Wilder took the outside, pulling away from Ferris on the green but running door to door down the backstretch. Beach would take the fourth spot from Jeff Sterling as he pulled to the infield ending his night. With Salmini once again taking the second spot from Ferris the race approached halfway. The field struggled as lap 11 brought the yellow flag out four times.

First, Mike Jenks came to a stop on pit road, second Salmini headed pitside with a turn four flat. The third yellow came for debris with the final restart holding after Ferris had came to a stop on the front stretch. Wilder would lead the field to green pulling ahead over the final 9 laps as points leader Tim Vandemark chased Scott Beach for second. After navigating the slower traffic of Ayden Mohr, Wilder collected his first checkered flag of the season, with Beach, Vandemark, Jason Seymour and Rob Sterling taking the top 5. Feature winner Josh Wilder was elated to break his streak of bad luck. We truly feel we have kicked the monkey off our back Wilder stated. The car was hooked up thanks to the setup suggestions from friend and ally Andy Bolles. After struggling with the kinks of breaking in a new car over the last few weeks, The Doughboy couldn’t have been happier with how the night played out. Josh would like to thank Richard, Brandon, Brad, Glenn, Jeff, Shania, Chuck, Lela, his Parents, Grandma Cass, the excellent Andy Bolles, as well as sponsors JR’s Automotive, Jimmy DiFulvio Construction, Terp’s Towing, Mallery & Yannone Trucking, Wildside Graphix, Damascus Service, and George Shields Inc.

The Penn Can speedway will be back in action next weekend as we all look for some relief from the dry heat gripping the area. With a visit from the IMCA Modifieds, fans can look forward to an extra loaded card. The season is moving quickly as we dash towards the month of August and Pack the Track Night. Make sure to like and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all the comings and goings at the Can!


Stafursky Paving Modifieds


2.) 9-Dan Vauter 3.) 23P-Bud Phillips 4.) 72-Nick Petrilak 5.) 145-Alan Rudalavage 6.) 17-George Kostelansky 7.) 17D-Mike Loney 8.) 117-Alex Stanton 9.) 27K-Brett Tonkin 10.) 73-Casey Plummer 11.) 484-Travis Brockner 12.) 111J-Jamie Bedford 13.) 7M-Mike Nagel Sr. 14.) 1-Darwin Greene Sr. 15.) 9cat-Tony Harris

602 Crate Sportsman


2.) 3R-Ray Leonard 3.) 16-Ned Fitch 4.) 14X-Brian Malcolm 5.) 13-Steve Davis 6.) 14K-AJ Konopka 7.) 55-Marty Goodwin 8.) 44-Jim O’Hara 9.) 23JR-John Michael Phillips 10.) 32-Eddie Kudrako 11.) M7-Mike Nagel Jr 12.) 10K-Kolyn Schane 13.) 88K-Alan Komar 14.) 1A-Brad Weaver 15.) 226-Matt Martino 16.) 70J-Joe Novak 17.) 88A-Amanda Scholtisek 18.) 54T-Travis Rooney 19.) 12-Parker Overbaugh 20.) 3D-Brett Wooster 21.) 7R-Tommy Groover 22.) 7-Ralph Mele

A & E Tire and Auto Center 600cc Xcel Modifieds


2.) 28-Brett Gray 3.) 54T-Adam Mudge 4.) 80-Tyler Smith 5.) 9X-Josh Towner 6.) 00X-Jeremy Williams 7.) 17-Jeff Baldwin 8.) 12J-John Dinniny 9.) 999-Larry Furman 10.) 67-Tori Straway

11.) 77X-Nolan Smith 12.) 84-Ted Mills 13.) 354-Andy Bolles 14.) 167-Devan Sieben 15.) 29B-Brenton Miller 16.) 99K-Phil Burns 17.) 1JR-Darwin Greene Jr. 18.) 30NN-Nate Oropallo DNS 176-Mollie Mroz

Factory Stocks


2.) 57ND-Jason Rhodes 3.) 28-Charlie Gilbert 4.) 27M-Kevin MacDonald 5.) 23S-Brett Spoor 6.) 10-Kevin Welch 7.) 58-Aaron Babcock 8.) 23B-Brad Chilson 9.) 23-Nick Stark

GARY’S U-PULL IT 4 Cylinders


2.) 21-Scott Beach 3.) 107-Tim Vandemark 4.) 27-Jason Seymour 5.) 71-Rob Sterling 6.) 77-Brian Salamini 7.) 22-David Benson 8.) 76-Dave Nixon 9.) 01-Ayden Mohr 10.) 17-Mike Ferris 11.) 66-Josh Storms 12.) 8-Jim Backowski 13.) 21MJ-Mike Jenks 14.) 56-Jeff Sterling 15.) 8W-Rich Wagner 16.) 70-Chris Wesser DNS 1M-Mike Girjatowicz

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