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Schane and Potrzebowski Take King of the Can Night 1

By Kayla Peting

A talented field of 28 Factory stocks began with Mike Morse and Justin Slezak leading the way for the Stone Bros. Automotive and Accessories Ray Ayers Memorial. Justin Slezak jumped out front to lead the opening lap as a lap 2 caution reset the front row. Slezak would drift high out turn four as the field worked lap two and Groover saw his chance, taking it three wide at the stripe to lead lap three with Slezak second and Morse third. With Billy Shoemaker spinning in turn four to bring out the fifth caution in 3 laps, the field was switched to single file. Groover continued to lead the way as laps were collected a handful at a time. Groover sliced his way through traffic to pass the halfway point while Eric Beach, Slezak and Kyle Spoor followed behind. With 15 laps complete Rick Sensabaugh looped it in turn four, with Kyle Spoor barely missing the spinning car. Buck Mills Jr had quietly entered the picture, sitting fifth on the restart. Mills worked the bottom of the speedway with the rest of the top 5 holding the top. Another single car spin played into Mills’ favor as he dove low on the restart getting a two for one deal on Slezak and Spoor, and another spot on Beach who had drifted high in turn two.

Rich Sharpsteen brought out a lap 19 yellow for a right rear flat, with Mayhem ensuing on the restart. As the field raced down the backstretch Beach and Spoor ended up pointing the wrong direction, shaking up the top 5. Second place running Slezak pulled in under the next caution, with 2023 Points runner up Charlie Gilbert headed pitside under green with 5 laps remaining. Groover would pull away at the end as Mills, Charlie Towner, Jason Rhodes and Mahlon Shoemaker completed the top 5.

Erik Hines Trucking LLC Sportsman had 49 cars on hand to battle their way into the feature. With 25 cars set to take the green, Nate DeGraw and Mike Schane would lead the field to the start point in turn four. However, as the field went down the backstretch nine cars would get together and bring out the red flag. The track safety team would remove the necessary cars and clean up the track allowing the race to continue. DeGraw and Mike Schane would lead the field once again, with Mike Schane gaining the early lead. Kolyn Schane, Mike Nagel Jr, and Dale Welty would go three wide for fourth with Welty claiming the spot. The yellow would come out on lap 2 for Ralph Mele stopping in between turns three and four. The field would regroup with Mike Schane selecting the lowside placing DeGraw to his inside and off the start Mike Schane’s 197 would take the lead once again. Welty would look outside Gary Smith to take over third while Gordon Smith would look low on Kolyn Schane to take over seventh. Lap 4 would see another yellow for Alex Konopka stopping along the backstretch wall before being towed to the pits. Mike Schane would select the low side for the restart, placing DeGraw to his outside. Mike Schane would once again take the lead allowing battles to open up behind him. Gary Smith would look outside Welty to take over third while Kolyn Schane would split Gordon Smith and Jordan Millard to move into sixth. Welty would battle Gary Smith on the inside before taking over third. Gordon Smith and Kolyn Schane would battle back and forth for sixth, but Kolyn Schane would maintain his hold on sixth, before sliding high past Nagel to take over fifth. By lap 14, Mike Schane would catch the rear of the field while Welty and DeGraw would battle back and forth for two laps until Welty would take over the second place spot. Lap 22 would see the final caution of the feature for Tom Davey spinning in turn two before being towed off. Mike Schane would lead the field in a single file restart and jostling for positions would start as the laps would count down. Kolyn Schane would make a last lap pass on the inside of Gary Smith to take over fourth at the line. Mike Schane would take the win followed by Welty, DeGraw, Kolyn Schane and Gary Smith would round out the top 5.

A & E Tire and Auto Center 600cc Modifieds 25 talented drivers on hand to battle it out one final time for the 2023 season. Brett Tonkin and Damon Henry would lead the field to battle and as the green flag would fly, Tonkin would take the early lead. No laps would be counted as Tyler Talada, Jeff Baldwin, and Nate Oropallo would collide in turn one and all drivers would rejoin the field. Tonkin and Henry would once again lead the field out of the restart zone. Tonkin would take the early lead while Brett Gray would look outside Henry to take over second. Lap 1 would see a caution as Aiden Miller would spin in turn four. Tonkin would select the highside placing Gray to his inside and Gray would take the lead while Dillion Beadle would look outside Henry to take over fourth. Lap 2 would see multiple cautions and the field would go single file with Gray leading the field. The field would go green for one lap before another caution came out for Tyler Smith spinning on the front stretch before rejoining at the tail end of the field. The field would once again go single file with battles happening right out the gate. Oropallo would battle hard with Ali Scutt and Henry before moving into eleventh. Chuck Lohmeyer would look outside Darwin Greene Jr for ninth before a move could be made a yellow would come out on lap 6 for John Dininney and Baldwin spinning in turn four before rejoining the end of the field. After several additional cautions the field would go green on lap 7 and battles would ensue, Lohmeyer would look outside Justin LaDue to take over sixth and would stay on the high side to slide past TJ Smith to take over fifth. Chase Scutt and Kyle Percy would spin in turn two bringing out the yellow on lap 10. Gray would lead the field and would take off while Greene would look inside Aiden Miller for twelfth, but would be unable to claim the spot. Tyler Smith would split Gage Higely and Ali Scutt to take over ninth. Tyler Smith would look outside of LaDue to take over eighth. Lap 13 would see a red flag for Brenton Payne would roll in turn four and after ensuring that Payne was ok, the car would be towed pit side. Gray would lead the field in a single file restart. Oropallo would look outside of Beadle for fifth, but would remain in the sixth place spot. TJ Smith would look inside Oropallo to take over sixth. Gray would go on to take the win followed by Brenton Miller, Tonkin, Lohmeyer and Beadle rounding out the top 5.

Ajay Potrzebowski II conquered the match races for the modifieds. Vanquishing 9 challengers to take his spot on the throne.

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