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Brian Malcolm Kicks Off The Holiday Weekend in Victory Lane

By Kayla Peting The Stafursky Paving Modifieds would have a field of 20 cars ready to do battle Friday night. With the first week of handicapping starting, it would be Travis Brockner and Malcolm leading the field to green. Alex Tonkin and John Michael Phillips got together on the opening lap, beginning the race with a rocky start. Brockner would gain the advantage on the restart while Doug Polhamus would look to the inside of Nick Petrilak for sixth, but Petrilak in the 72 would maintain possession of the spot. Lap 2 would see another yellow as Matt Solbech would spin in turn 3 before heading pit side. Brockner elected for the inside on the restart, but Malcolm would get the better launch to take the lead. Darwin Greene took advantage, making a daring move up the middle to grab third from Brett Tonkin, continuing to charge forward and take the second spot from Brockner. Greene would get his chance at Malcolm, as George Kostelansky came to a stop in turn 4 setting up a lap 6 caution. Malcolm would beat his new challenger and pull away as Greene and Tonkin battled door to door for second over the next handful of laps. Alan Rudalvage came to battle with Brockner for fourth using the lowside to take the spot. Petrilak would try to go low on Tonkin for sixth, but would be unable to hit the marks to take the spot. Lap 13 would see Malcom extending his lead as he caught the rear of the field. Alan Komar’s ride would go up in heavy smoke on lap 17 and Frank Yankowski would come to a stop at the top of turn 2, bringing out a yellow and clearing the way for Malcolm. Tonkin and Greene would go back at it for second after the single file restart, with Greene sliding to fourth as Tonkin and Alan Rudalavage worked his inside. Petrilak and Brad Szulewski would battle side by side for fifth. Tonkin would emerge from the battle with Rudalvage in the second place spot. A pair of late race cautions regrouped the front runners, but Malcolm would prove too strong, capturing the win with Tonkin, Rudalavage, Brad Szulewski and Greene completing the top 5. Erik Hines Trucking LLC 602 Crate Sportsman were the first feature on Friday night and had 18 cars signed in. Jim O’Hara and Tommy Groover would lead the field to the green with O’Hara taking the early lead. Battles quickly took place as Brad Weaver, Kolyn Schane and Ned Fitch quickly went three wide for fifth, but drivers would slow up as Alan Kellogg would come to a slow in turn 4. O’Hara and Groover were ready to do battle again off of turn 4, but the yellow would come right back out for congestion along the front stretch. Fitch would be turned into the front stretch wall, Dave Rosa’s night would come to an end as he was towed off the track, and a few others would head pit side due to flat tires, but would return to the rear of the field. Off the restart O’Hara would take the early lead as Mike Nagel Jr and Weaver would manuver past Kolyn Schane to move into third and fourth. After two more cautions, Groover would be the race leader and would lead the field in a single file restart. Weaver stepped up to challenge Groover using the low side and the two would go door to door with Groover maintaining the lead. Alex Konoka would look low to make his way into third around O’Hara and Nagel would follow close behind him to take fourth. Weaver would try his hand again at claiming the lead, but it would be thwarted by a caution due to Joe Novak spinning in turn 2 before heading pit side. Groover would have the early advantage off the restart, but Weaver would take over first using his momentum to slide his way in front of Groover. Konopka would follow in Weaver’s path to slide low on Groover to take second with Nagel followin behind to claim third. Mike Schane and Marty Goodwin would battle each other hard for sixth and would go door to door for two laps before Mike Schane would take the spot. The last caution of the race saw second place driver Konopka stop between turns 1 and 2. Off the restart, battles continued but no one saw much movement. Weaver would take the checkered flag followed by Nagel, Groover, Mike Schane and O’Hara would round out the top 5. A & E Tire and Auto Center 600cc Modifieds had 15 cars on hand to take the green and was led by Nate Oropallo and Jeff Baldwin. Oropallo would take the early lead off the starting line while Brett Gray and teammate Brenton Miller would make quick work using the low line to slide into second and third. Miller would try to use the low side to make his way around Gray, but would be unable to as a caution would come out for Larry Furman spinning in turn 2. Oropallo would select the lowside on the restart with Gray to his outside, however the start would be called back. Oropallo and Gray would line up again and fans would see Gray take the lead. Baldwin would look to the inside of Bumps Scutt for fourth, but would be unable to claim the spot. Gray would pull away from the field and by lap 12 he would catch the rear of the field. John Dinniny would look outside of Nolan Smith to take over seventh. Gray would manuver his way through the field and go onto take the checkered flag followed by Oropallo, Dylan Beadle, Bumps Scutt and Miller rounding out the top 5. Factory Stocks were led to the green by Darren Davies and Brad Chilson wth Davies taking the early lead. Jordan Towner would quickly take to the outside of Rich Sharpsteen to take over third. Josh Towner, Sharpsteen and Kevin MacDonald would quickly go three wide for fourth, but Sharpsteen came out victorious with the fourth place spot. Lap 2 would see the first caution as MacDonald, Josh Towner, and Justin Slezak would all head pit side with flat tires and would all rejoin at the end of the field. Davies and Jordan Towner would once again lead the field to green and the pair would quickly go three wide with Sharpsteen. Sharpsteen would become the new race leader. A caution would come on lap 3 as Justin Lovejoy would come to a stop in turn 4. Jordan Towner and Sharpsteen would line up for the restart and off of turn four the pair would battle back and forth for the position with Sharpsteen. However the battle would end as the two would get together bringing out the caution as Jordan Towner stopped on the back stretch. Sharpsteen and Eric Beach would be on the front row with Beach quickly taking the lead. MacDonald would look to the inside of Sharpsteen to take over second. Josh Towner would be a man on a mission as he passed Adam Gilbert and Kevin Welch to move into sixth. The field would spread out until a lap 11 caution came for Adam Gilbert spinning in turn 4. Beach would lead the field in a single file restart while Josh Towner continued his pursuit to the front by passing Sharpsteen to move into fourth. Beach would take the checkered followed by Jason Rhodes, Josh Towner, MacDonald, and Charlie Gilbert. Gary’s U-Pull It 4 Cylinders would see Bryant Beach and Josh Wilder on the front row. Off turn four Wilder would gain the early lead, but that would come to a halt as Colin Mills would stop in turn one and two. The field would gather to do an original restart with Beach and Wilder leading the pack. Wilder would once again take the early lead while Scott Beach looked outside Mike Jenks to move into fifth. Bryant Beach would try to look to the inside of Wilder for first but would be unable to take over the lead. Jeff Sterling would move into sixth while Beach would continue to try and take the lead by going door to door with Wilder. Wilder would pull away slightly as Andy Bolles would look low to go around Bryant Beach, but would be unable to claim the spot as a caution would come out for Ronnie Welch for coming to a stop at the top of turn four. Wilder would select the outside with Bryant Beach to his inside and off the restart zone and Bolles would take the front row three wide before taking the lead. Jeff Sterling would quickly manuver his way to the front passing Brian Salmini and Bryant Beach to move into second. By lap 8 Bolles would catch lapped traffic as Salmini and Bryant Beach swapped spots for third as Jeff Sterling took the lead over Bolles. Something would go wrong with Bolles’s car and would slowly drop back to ninth. Sterling would go to victory lane and Bryant Beach, Salmini, Wilder and Scott Beach would be the top 5. The Limited Sportman were lead by Charlie Towner and Amanda Scholtisek with Paul Conklin right behind the. Towner would take the early lead and gain a significant one until a lap 3 caution came out for Conklin spinning in turn two before heading pit side for the evening. Towner would be on the inside as Scholtisek to his outside. Out of turn 4 Towner would gain a significant lead and go on to take the win. Late Models made their season debut Friday and will be at the track a handful of times throughout the year. Brett Marlatt and Aaron Miller would lead Mike Epler to the green and Marlatt would gain an early lead and would pull away from the field. Lap 8 would see Miller pull pit side, but the race would run green with Marlatt leading green to checkered followed by Epler. Penn Can will be back in action this Friday with all six divisions on the card. There are two bounties up for grabs in the 600cc and in the Factory Stocks. As always stay up to date on the happenings around the track by checking The Penn Can Facebook page.

Stafursky Paving Modifieds WINNER – 119 – BRIAN MALCOLM 2.) 27K-Brett Tonkin 3.) 145-Alan Rudalavage 4.) 14Z-Brad Szulewski 5.) 1-Darwin Greene Sr. 6.) 117-Alex Stanton 7.) 484-Travis Brockner 8.) 73-Casey Plummer 9.) KP1-Doug Polhamus 10.) 72-Nick Petrilak 11.) 22-Alex Tonkin 12.) 014-Brad Shaffer 13.) 2H-Jeremy Hamilton 14.) M85-Hunter Metzger 15.) 23JR-John Michael Phillips 16.) 127-Frank Yankowski 17.) 88-Alan Komar 18.) 17-George Kostelansky 19.) 66M-Matt Soblech 20.) M16-Kevin Hartnett Erik Hines Trucking LLC 602 Crate Sportsman WINNER – 26 – BRAD WEAVER 2.) M7-Mike Nagel Jr. 3.) 7R-Tommy Groover 4.) 197-Mike Schane 5.) 44-Jim O’Hara 6.) 55-Marty Goodwin 7.) 3R-Ray Leonard 711-Ralph Mele 8.) 10K-Kolyn Schane 9.) 54T-Travis Rooney 10.) 711X-Allen Kellogg 11.) 00-Bradley Burman 12.) 14K-Alex Konopka 13.) 70J-Joe Novak 14.) 11-Brett Wooster 15.) 32-Eddie Kudrako 16.) 16-Ned Fitch 17.) 61-Dave Rosa 18.) 711-Ralph Mele DNS: 49D-Tim Howell A & E Tire and Auto Center 600cc Modifieds WINNER – 28 – BRETT GRAY 2.) 30NN-Nate Oropallo 3.) 22-Dylan Beadle 4.) 108*-Bumps Scutt 5.) 29-Brenton Miller 6.) 12J-John Dinniny 7.) 108-Ali Scutt 8.) 77X-Nolan Smith 9.) 1JR-Darwin Green Jr 1*-Alan Bibalo 10.) 17-Jeff Baldwin 11.) 217-Larry Furman 12.) 117-Jeffrey Martin 13.) 67-Tori Straway 14.) 999-Madyson Beach 15.) 1*-Allen Bibalo Factory Stock WINNER – 617 – ERIC BEACH 2.) 3-Jason Rhodes 3.) 919-Josh Towner 4.) 27M-Kevin MacDonald 5.) 28-Charlie Gilbert 6.) 83T-Rich Sharpsteen 7.) 35H-Justin Slezak 8.) 23B-Brad Chilson 9.) 19-Darren Davies 10.) 28X-Adam Gilbert 11.) 10-Kevin Welch 12.) 81-Justin Lovejoy 13.) 9J-Jordan Towner 14.) 69ER-Billy Shoemaker Gary’s U-Pull It 4 Cylinders WINNER – 56 – JEFF STERLING 2.) 5L-Bryant Beach 3.) 77-Brian Salmini 4.) 5-Josh Wilder 5.) 21-Scott Beach 6.) 8W-Rich Wagner 7.) 21MJ-Mike Jenks 8.) 18-Jesse Lovejoy 9.) 354-Andy Bolles 10.)71-Rob Sterling 11.) 22-Davd Benson 12.) 27RW-Ronnie Welch 13.) 49-Toby Sparks Jr. 27RW 14.) 316-Michael Girjatowicz 15.) G55-Dakota Fuller 16.) 23-Collin Mills Limited Sportsman WINNER – 5T – CHARLIE TOWNER 2.) 88A-Amanda Scholtisek 3.) 13-Paul Conklin 604 Crate Latemodels WINNER – 99 – BRETT MARLATT 2.) 27-Mike Epler 3.) 20-Aaron Miller

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