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Randy Fox Returns for Tommy Boy 25 Win

By Nathan Aldrich

A gorgeous Friday night brought some new faces to the Penn Can Speedway with a full field of modifieds set to take the green flag. Brad Szulewski and Marshall Hurd charged out of turn 4 with Hurd leading the way down the backstretch. Brian Malcolm took to the outside, moving past Szulewski to control the second spot. By lap 5 Tanner VanDoren had worked his way into third with Danny Creeden fourth and Darwin Greene fifth. 

Creeden would capitalize on a lap 6 restart, splitting Malcolm and Greene off turn 2 and moving into third. After a Hunter Metzger spin in turn 4, leader Hurd would elect for the outside on the restart. VanDoren got the jump, leading the way down the frontstretch as Creeden slid under Hurd to nab the second spot in turn 4. Creeden began peeking under VanDoren the next lap and the pair would battle side by side for the next pair of laps. Creeden pulled ahead in turn 2 as Vandoren crossed him over and battled back on the inside. With 11 laps complete Creeden solidified his spot as the leader while Hartnett and Hurd battled for third. 

As the field passed halfway Creeden found lapped traffic, with Hatnett beginning to peek inside VanDoren for second. Hunter Metzger’s turn 4 spin would set up a single file restart with 11 laps remaining, giving Creeden clean room to work and closing the gap between the leader, and the battling duo of Hartnett and VanDoren. Neither had the answer for Creeden however as the 16X rocketed under the checkered flags with Vandoren, Hartnett, Hurd and Greene rounding out the top 5. Back to back feature winner Danny Creeden thanked Innovative Capital Corp, Stafursky Paving, Mr. Leak, RGH Construction, Precision Hydraulic, Shackleton Napa, Cyndi, Dave, Tania and Sadie. 

Tom Goodrich celebrated a Birthday Friday night with the annual running of the Tommy Boy Factory Stock 25. With lots of contingency bonuses and a unique trophy on the line Randy Fox and Buck Mills Jr led the way.  Jerry Lobdell Jr battled Mills for the second spot through the early laps, as Fox stretched out his lead. A lap 8 caution reset the field with Fox electing for the outside on the restart. Fox dashed away once again as Lobdell and Mills continued to run door to door. Lobdell headed pitside the following lap and would not return, moving Adam Gilbert to third. 

Fox would lead at the halfway point, with Mills Jr, Kyle Spoor, Justin Slezak and Tommy Groover holding down the top 5 spots. The front fiver would single out and pull away in the closing laps, catching lapped traffic just as the checkers flew. Feature winner Randy Fox is making a return after some time off of factory stock racing. With his family itching to return back to racing Randy thanked his parents, wife and family as well as sponsors Sharkey’s Fuels, Kreutz Incorporated, Family Views. He dedicated his win to Gary Allen.

Mike Schane and Alex Knopka brought the sportsman field under the flagstand with Schane getting the advantage into turn 1. Things would get tight as the leaders worked through lapped traffic, with the lead trio sticking to the bottom. Knopka would slip through the traffic and grab the lead. A lap 16 caution took the leaders out of lap traffic and gave Konokpa a chance to gather his thoughts. As Konopka rocketed away, Schane and Mike Nagel Jr. battled it out side by side for second. When the checkers fell it was Konopka parking it in Victory Lane with Schane, Nagel and rounding out the top five. Feature winner Alex Konopka wanted to thank his crew and family, Higfab chassis as well as sponsors Keystone Electrical, Selig Garden Center, Altemose Paving and EmTech.

Brenton Payne and Doug Newbigging led the way for the Small Addictions 600cc Modifieds. Payne got a good jump as John Dinniny moved into second working the lowside of Newbigging. By lap 6 Brett Gray had worked his way to second with Newbigging, Dinniny and Marty Goodwin composing the top 5. Payne would hold off Gray through a slew of single file restarts, taking the checkered flag with Newbigging, Goodwin and Harold Oliver.Feature winner Brenton Payne collected his first win of the 2024 season at Penn Can, thanking his Parents, Grandparents and sponsor Dryden Storage. 

Mike Jenks and Andy Bolles brought the Northeast Recycling SCDRA 4 Cylinders to the green as heavy contact in turn 1 sent Bolles into the outside wall and both he and Jenks headed pitside. With the front row taking it pitside, Justin Girjatowicz and Jeremy Warren led the way for the restart as Warren and Jeff Sterling moved into the top two spots. Mike Ferris took up third. Collin Mills would pass four cars in one lap as he moved onto the podium with 2 laps complete. As the trio worked lapped four Mills slipped under Warren and claimed second. Mills charged to the inside through turn 4 as the pair drag raced to the line. Mills would take the lead and never looked back, cruising to the win. Feature winner Collin Mills came from the eleventh spot and mentioned lapped traffic got very exciting. Collin thanked Toby, Ray and his father as well as all of his amazing sponsors. 

Open Wheel Modifieds were a midweek addition to the schedule Friday night, with Tyler Stoddard and Tyler Belcher pacing the field. Belcher led the first lap but last week’s winner Randall Paxton looked quick from the drop of the green. Stoddard led the second lap with Paxton getting to his inside and winning the drag race to lead lap 3. Paxton would check out from the rest of the field with Stddard, Belcher, Gary Roberts and Jakub Ingham completing the top 5. 



2.) 10C-Tanner VanDoren 3.) 5-Kevin Hartnett 4.) 58M-Marshall Hurd 5.) 1-Darwin Greene Sr. 6.) 23jr-John Michael Phillips 7.) 119-Brian Malcolm 8.) 14Z-Brad Szulewski 9.) 145-Alan Rudalavage 10.) 41-Brian Puckett 11.) m20-Nick Mady 12.) 117-Alex Stanton 13.) 33-Tyler Yeagle 14.) 40-Bobby Puckett 15.) 014-Brad Shaffer 16.) 85-Hunter Metzger 17.) 26-Brad Weaver 18.) 54-Paul Rooney 19.) X23-Lenny Miller 20.) 52A-Brian Franko 21.) 111J-Jamie Bedford 22.) KP1-Doug Polhamus 23.) 57-Dan Burman 24.) 55-PJ Goodwin DNS: 6H-Jeremy Hamilton, Brandon Fritsch



2.) 187V-Buck Mills Jr. 3.) 23S-Kyle Spoor 4.) 35H-Justin Slezak 5.) 1*-Tommy Groover 6.) 1-Brandon Conklin 7.) 28A-Adam Gilbert 8.) 7-Mahlon Shoemaker 9.) 19-Darren Davies 10.) 28-Charlie Gilbert 11.) 27M-Kevin MacDonald 12.) 15-Buck Mills Sr. 13.) 83T-Rich Sharpsteen 14.) 01A-Anthony Possemato 15.) 109D-Jordan Towner 16.) 2026-Jerry Lobdell Jr. 17.) 16Jr.-Max Mosier Jr. 18.) 5T-Charlie Towner DNS Bryant Beach



2.) 9G-Mike Nagel Jr 3.) 197-Mike Schane 4.) 3R-Ray Leonard 5.) 55-Marty Goodwin 6.) 7-Jon Carpenter 7.) 17D-Mike Loney 8.) 4J-Joe Buchanan 9.) 225-Derrick Shaffer 10.) 10K-Kolyn Schane 11.) 32-Eddie Kudrako 12.) 16-Ned Fitch 13.) 11-Brett Wooster 14.) 66M-Justin Miller 15.) 10-Trevor Houghton 16.) 222-Eric Brigham 17.) 30+-Brandon Oleski 18.) 9T-Todd Titus 19.) 93-Joe Novak 20.) 318-Nick Cortazar 21.) 119-Magda Malcolm 22.) 69er-Billy Shoemaker 23.)54T-Travis Rooney



2.) 28W-Brett Gray 3.) 29-Doug Newbigging 4.) 29mg-Marty Goodwin 5.) 34-Harold Oliver 6.) 217-Larry Furman 7.) 30NN-Nate Oropallo 8.) GH1-George Higley 9.) 14-Jake Higley 10.) 17-Jeff Baldwin 11.) 117-Jeff Martin 12.) 67-Tori Straway 13.) 77-Nolan Smith 14.) 5-Madyson Beach 15.) 1JR-Darwin Greene Jr. 16.) 27J-Joey Oropallo 17.) 101-TJ Smith 18.) 12J-John Dinniny 19.) 314-Kyle Percy 20.) 24-Talon Oliver 21.) 97X-David Brown 22.) 134-Max Oliver 23. 14A-Kevin Sidlecky



2.) 56-Jeff Sterling 3.) J56-Jeremy Warren 4.) 99K-Phil Burns 5.) 21-Scott Beach 6.) 77-Brian Salmini 7.) 107-Tim Vandemark 8.) 354-Andy Bolles 9.) 8W-Rich Wagner 10.) 1USA-Joe Zedanovich 11.) G55-Dakota Fuller 12.) 68-Nash Ford 13.) 26-Mike Girjatowicz 14.) 56-Ethan Fuller 15.) 316-Justin Girjatowicz 16.) 38-Dave Simms 17.) 17-Mike Ferris 18.) 21MJ - Mike Jenks



2.) 23-Tyler Stoddard 3.) 7B-Tyler Belcher 4.) U23 - Gary Roberts 5.) 943-Jakub Ingham 6.) 30D-Brad Delameter 7.) 10W-Mike WIlcox

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