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Siri Goes For Gold

By Nathan Aldrich

The Second Night of King of the Can Weekend brought full pits and stands as Promoter Keith Beach offered up a smooth track prepped throughout the night. Fans eagerly awaited the full card with visits from the Xcell 600cc Modified Tour, CRSA Sprint Cars, and NY Penn IMCA Modifieds as well as the mighty Modifieds and Topless Sportsman. With this season’s biggest purse on the line who would take their seat on the Golden Latrine.

With the Golden Throne placed in victory lane, Tyler Siri and Brandon Walters brought the Stafursky Paving Modifieds to the green flag for the main event of the weekend. As Siri charged into turn one disaster struck behind him with a jingle in the top 5 leading to the entire field coming to a halt in turn one. The second try went better as Siri pulled ahead with Brett Tonkin and Justin Holland battling for third. Holland would get in the loose dirt up top as he slid back to seventh. Kevin Hartnett would make moves early on, sliding in front of Alex Tonkin to take the fourth spot away. Travis Brockner has had an up and down season after switching from Street Stocks to Modifieds this year and ended his season on a sour note, with his car sitting on its side as part of a lap 4 pile up on the backstretch. The incident would eliminate Corey Costa and Eric Leet, while JR Fulper continued on.

With 4 laps completed the field found its rhythm and settled in for a 31 lap green flag run. The battle for third was on as Alex Tonkin worked the inside of Walters, taking the final podium spot on lap 6. By lap 14 Siri had reached the tail of the field to lap Fulper. Fulper would retire to the infield on the following lap while Jimmy Zacharias and Hartnett dueled for seventh. Hartnett kept the spot as Siri continued to lap cars and extend his lead over Brett Tonkin. With 25 laps complete, Holland and Walters were getting feisty in their battle for fourth, rubbing rails down the front stretch as Holland claimed the spot. Holland would work Alex Tonkin up until the lap 35 fuel stop that would regroup the field, erasing Siri’s full straightaway lead. A few drivers would elect to head pitside under the red and would restart at the tail. Brett Tonkin would suffer mechanical issues under the red and was pushed pit side with no return.

As Siri led the way back to green, Holland went back to work on Alex Tonkin getting the inside through turns one and two and completing the pass down the backstretch. After pitting during the red, Rusty Smith and Zacharias were beginning their march back through the field. The pair would move into the top 10 on lap 46 as the field began to string out once again. As Siri worked lapped traffic Holland began to close the gap, narrowing to within five car lengths on lap 53. Just as Holland reached the back bumper of Siri however, Dan Vauter went around on the frontstretch. With a ten lap dash setup to the finish Siri would pull away as Holland’s machine loosened up. Zacharias would work all sides of Hartnett to take the seventh spot with Smith moving Hartnett to ninth as the popsicle sticks signaled two to go for Siri. With no challenge coming over the final two laps, Siri collected his first King of the Can crown as Holland, Walters, Alex Tonkin and Alan Barker rounded out the top 5.

After leading from flag to flag, Tyler Siri said it feels awesome to finally have their new Teo figured out. With a smooth track throughout the race, Siri said there was still some grip running after the sprint cars. His ride tightened up towards the end of the feature, and it became about protecting the bottom and really working the throttle Siri stated. While lapped traffic is always a part of endurance races for modifieds, it didn’t bother Siri as he stayed focused on finding the holes and was signaled that he had a comfortable lead. Tyler would like to thank Friendly Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Outlaw Speedway, Teo Pro Car, Pro Power, Integra Shocks, Hanson Aggregate and his family and supporters.

Billy VanInwegen and John Cunningham led the CRSA sprint car field to the green flag as Kyle Pierce looked outside Jordan Hutton for third. Hutton would keep the spot as battles raged for tenth and eleventh between Thomas Radivoy, Tommy Moreau, and Ethan Gray. Radivoy would take the spot with Peter Dance coming to a stop on the backstretch as the field worked lap 7. A red flag followed the restart as Radivoy, Alex Adamsky, Dana Wagner and John Smith ran into issues in turn 3, resulting in a rollover for Smith. VanInwegen brought them back to green as Cunningham attacked Hutton’s inside for second. Hutton kept the spot while Johnny Smith used the outside to grab fourth from Kyle Pierce. The yellow graced the air once again on lap 9 as Tommy Moreau spun in turn 4. Lap 11 saw Johnny Smith spin as Kyle Pierce and Trevor Years collided, sending both to the pits.

After catching a few more yellows VanInwegen would catch the green on lap 15, as Cunningham went back to work on Hutton for third. Cunningham grabbed the spot with Radivoy in tow as the paiir moved Hutton out of the top 3. VanInwegen would go on to collect the win as Herrick, Cunningham, Radivoy and Hutton completed the top 5. It was the first win at Penn Can speedway for Billy V, a part time competitor on the CRSA tour. Billy would like to thank Mike Vandusen, Kent, his parents, and his Girlfriend Taylor. As well as sponsors Profab Enterprise and Heroux Excavating.

Brad Weaver put on a strong performance with a second place finish in the King of the Can sportsman race Friday night. The redraw favored Weaver Saturday as he would go off pole for the sportsman topless hoosier vs american racer feature. Weaver led the way down the frontstretch as Marty Goodwin closed the door on Jimmy Zacharias for second. With TJ Frost and Brian Franko facing the wrong direction in turn four the first yellow came out on lap 3. Weaver took the inside on the restart, once again pulling away from Goodwin as the field worked lap 4. Josh Landers brought out the lap 5 yellow as the young driver went around in turn 4. As Weaver continued to pull away from the inside on the restarts, Mike Schane moved forward from his 10th place starting spot, taking fourth from Gordon Smith on the frontstretch. Schane next went after Zacharias on lap 9, pulling alongside to race for third down the backstretch. Schane would swipe it away in turn one, as Gene Beadle headed to the infield, drawing a caution on lap 11. With 6 cautions over the next 3 laps the field would come back to green single file on lap 15.

As the field strung out over the next five laps, Mike Nagel Jr and Goodwin would battle for the ninth spot. Nagel would drive deep into turn three making contact with Goodwin and sending the 55 machine around. Goodwin would head pitside after being sent to the tail as the field retook the green single file. With Beadle and Smith battling for fourth, Beadle would take the spot away in turn 1. Nagel would call it a night after spinning in turn 3 and bringing out the yellow. With five laps remaining Byron Worthing would battle Zacharias for the sixth spot but couldn’t make the pass as Weaver picked up the win. Schane, Leonard, Beadle and Smith rounded out the top 5.

Feature winner Brad Weaver continued the night’s theme of winners who led their feature from flag to flag. Weaver has strong family ties to the speedway, and has grown up with the dream of claiming his seat as a King of the Can. Weaver stated that the redraw really helped as the track was slick and the pace of the race slowed in the waning laps. Knowing Schane was right behind it was all about rolling the bottom and not making any mistakes for Weaver. It was a bit of redemption for Weaver after coming close the previous night and running out of laps. When asked about what removing the roofs does to the car, Weaver mentioned it removes a lot of the car’s downforce. He would like to thank Ron Diffenbach, Kara, James, Aubrey, Mark Terry, Jarrett and Ron Pitcher, Matt Smith, Quarry Rat Tread and Pattern Rock, Fred’s Market and Action Park East Karting Track.

With the NY Penn IMCA tour in the house, Rick Michael and Tyler Stoddard brought the field to the green flag as Michael pulled ahead to lead the way. A big pileup on the opening lap would bring out the red flag as the track crew separated the cars. With one lap complete Tyler Belchar would meet the turn 4 embankment exiting on the hook. Michael continued to lead the way on the restart as Brad Sites worked Rodney Morgan for the third spot, taking the position on the inside. Sites continued pushing toward the front challenging Stoddard for second as Michael caught lapped traffic on lap 3. Michael would get some separation from the lapped machines after a lap 4 debris caution, pulling to the lead once again on the restart. Michael would find lapped traffic quickly, catching the tail of the field as Rick Watts spun in turn 3. The incident would collect Michael, who headed pitside and would not return.

Eddie Sites and Tyler Stoddard would bring them back to green with Sites pulling ahead. Jake Maynard and Randall Paxton would be the pair to watch as they battled door to door for the sixth spot with Maynard holding firm on the outside. Sites would close in on lapped traffic on lap 14, but it wouldn’t last long. Brad Sites spun in turn one the following lap, with Maynard sent to the tail for contact. As Eddie Sites continued to lead, Tyler Stoddard and Morgan fought for second through a two lap shootout to end the race. Morgan would be the runner up as Tyler Stoddards, Keith Lamphere, and Randall Paxton completed the top 5. Feature winner Eddie Sites has won 6 of the 9 races on the NY Penn tour this season and has multiple wins at his home track of The Hill speedway. He found a groove that suited him for the night, running the diamond line through turns 1 and 2, then sealing off the bottom to exit 4. Sites enjoys all aspects of racing, and didn’t mind the yellows keeping him out of lapped traffic though the short runs didn’t give him time to settle in. He would like to thank his crew and family, as well as sponsors: Sites Seamless Gutters, Darryl Johnson Construction, R+J Performance Motors, Lamphere Truck Parts, Chassis by the Beard, Snell Metal Fab and Close Racing Supply.

In a battle of Penn Can Speedway heavyweights, Brenton Miller and Adam Mudge led the Xcell 600cc Modified tour race to the green flag. Brett Gray challenged Mudge for second on the opening lap, taking the spot away before the pair made it back to the line. Lap 3 regrouped the field as Christian Smith and Tom Martocci spun around in turn 3. With the Gray’s Trucking teammates out front, Corey England would dodge a scary moment, as the field evaded his spinning car in turn 4. Miller pulled ahead of Gray on the restart as Nate Oropallo and Tyler Smith fought for fourth. Smith would keep the spot in turn 3. Oropallo would grab the spot on the backstretch the next lap as Smith fended off Chuck Lohmeyer to maintain fifth. Oropallo and Smith would put on a show as the pair battled side by side for the fourth spot for four laps, until Devan Sieben and Rob Swavely collided in turn 4 to slow the field on lap 9. Lohmeyer, Richie Hitzler, and Smith would run 3 wide for the fourth spot down the backstretch as Miller pulled back ahead of Gray under the green.

Hitzler would slide Lohmeyer for fourth as they worked turn 3 on lap 12. Spins would slow the field twice more before the final restart on lap 15 with Miller and Gray still out front. Hitzler would find the outside of Mudge on the backstretch to grab the third spot as the counter showed 9 laps remaining. As the laps wound down the top 3 began to work lapped traffic and ran nose to tail as they received the two to go symbol from the flagstand. Miller would navigate the traffic to pick up the win as Hitzler and Gray made contact before splitting the lapped machine. Contact between Hitzler, Gray and the lapped machine of Straway would end with Hitzler taking second as Straway t-boned Gray and the pair slid to a stop against the frontstretch wall. Tyler Bartick, Geoffrey Sutton and Mudge would avoid the incident to complete the top 5. Feature winner Brenton Miller stated that it didn’t matter when his dancing partners changed on the restarts as he was focused on hitting his marks for each opponent. With a smooth track and a car that could work any lane Miller said the lapped traffic made things a little hairy. Being patient and hitting the holes as they opened kept the car clean as all of the leaders had to deal with the same traffic. It’s Miller’s second King of the Can win, but he is still getting used to the Pageantry of the event. Brenton would like to thank Carol and Wade Gray, Shannon, Crawn Trucking, Gray’s Trucking and Transport, All Things Vinyl by Alecia, Moose Wraps, and Northern Tier Hydro Wash.

The Can will close out our season with The Unruly race on September 30th, paying $3,000 to win and $180 to start. Also on the card will be non-winners races for Modifieds, Sportsman, 4 cyl and 600s. The temperatures may be dropping but the action in Susquehanna's staying hot.



2.) 280-Justin Holland 3.) 22-Brandon Walters 4.) 27HT-Alex Tonkin 5.) 77-Alan Barker 6.) 71-Jimmy Zacharias 7.) 117-Alex Stanton 8.) 34-Rusty Smith 9.) 5-Kevin Hartnett 10.) 3-Jake Dgien 11.) Alan Rudalavage 12.) 51-Jerry Higbie 13.) 17D-Mike Loney 14.) 111J-Jamie Bedford 15.) 9-Dan Vauter 16.) 23P-Bud Phillips 17.) 27K-Brett Tonkin 18.) 6NN-Nick Nye 19.) 119-Brian Malcolm 20.) 91-Bobby Flood 21.) 67-JR Fulper 22.) 7M-Mike Nagel 23.) 11X-Eric Leet 24.) 02-Corey Costa 25.) 484-Travis Brockner 26.) D9-Dennis Clapperton 27.) 51C-Joey Colsten



2.) 29-Dalton Herrick 3.) J27-John Cunningham 4.) 1Q-Thomas Radivoy 5.) 66-Jordan Hutton 6.) 18C-Dan Craun 7.) 98-Alex Adamsky 8.) 22-Tommy Moreau 9.) 92-Johnny Smith 10.) 25W-Dana Wagner 11.) 17E-Ethan Gray 12.) 4T-Ray Preston 13.) 9K-Kyle Pierce 14.) 13T-Trevor Years 15.) 23-John Smith 16.) 56D-Peter Dance DNS 4-Cliff Pierce



2.) 197-Mike Schane 3.) 3R-Ray Leonard 4.) 1*-Gene Beadle 5.) 44T-Gordon Smith 6.) 17Z-Jimmy Zacharias 7.) XXX-Lugs Diamond 8.) 138-Byron Worthing 9.) 14A-Brian Franko 10.) 88A-Homer Hollister Jr 11.) M7-Mike Nagel Jr. 12.) 72-Kasey Hulcut 13.) 55-Marty Goodwin 14.) 16-Ned Fitch 15.) 88-Alan Komar 16.) M64-Marc Goodwin 17.) 3-TJ Frost 18.) 33-Josh Landers 19.) 3D-Brett Wooster DQ-22 Dane Hedlund DNS 17XYZ-Seth Zacharias 20A-Ashton Dewitt



2.) 89-Rodney Morgan 3.) 23-Tyler Stoddard 4.) 98K-Keith Lamphere 5.) 22-Randall Paxton 6.) 613-Matt Roberts 7.) X23-Gary Roberts 8.) 5-Aaron Benjamin 9.) 69-Jake Maynard 10.) 777-Jacob McConnell 11.) 7*-Shawn Bruce 12.) 69C-Lance Conley 13.) 39-Jason Sullivan 14.) 83-Jacob Ingham 15.) 115-Brad Sites 16.) 15M-Ray McClure 17.) 711-JW Lamphere 18.) 22A-AJ Hunsinger 19.) 7B-Tyler Belchar 20.) 29-Bob Maynard 21.) 17X-Rick Michael 22.) 99-Rick Watts



2.) 9-Richie Hitzler 3.) 85-Tyler Bartick 4.) 5S-Geoffrey Sutton 5.) 54T-Adam Mudge 6.) 80-Tyler Smith 7.) 29D-Doug Newbigging 8.) 999-Nate Oropallo 9.) 7-Bryce Smith 10.) 167-Josh Towner 11.) 77X-Nolan Smith 12.) 607-Jared Green 13.) 215-Zack Mills 14.) 2B-Corey England 15.) 8-Tiffany Mays 16.) 28H-Sam Hubbard 17.) 17-Jeff Baldwin 18.) X-Tom Martocci 19.) 176-Devan Sieben 20.) 67B-Rob Swavely 21.) 217-Larry Furman 22.) 69-Christian Smith 23.) 28-Brett Gray 24.) 67-Tori Straway 25.) 29A-Ajay Tuttle 26.) 84-Ted Mills 27.) 22-Dylan Beadle 28.) 15-Chris Frable

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